A Horror Of Hurricane Katrina Essay

Hurricane Katrina was a catastrophic event, but nonetheless a historical event. Katrina was like no other hurricane that the United States has ever had, economically speaking. It would go on to be set as a long lasting memory amongst several millions of people on the Gulf coast and other unaffected states. According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Katrina hit the Gulf of Mexico on August 28, 2005. The hurricane was confirmed to be a category 5 with 175 mph of wind when it hit the Gulf of Mexico although, it did decrease to a category 3 with 125 mph of wind when it hit Louisiana. (NOAA) Instantly, towns were torn to pieces and almost the entire city of New Orleans was submerged due to flooding. (Brunner)

Unfortunately, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina brought forth several issues that would take time to resolve. For one, the hurricane caused millions of people the inability to find their family members. Most were known to be stranded for the first couple days after the disaster causing chaos and mayhem. Rescue teams waited until it was deemed safe to enter due to the danger lurking because of the hurricane’s actions. One man, Chris Robinson, called the Associated Press saying, “I’m not doing too good right now.” “The water’s rising pretty fast. I got a hammer and an axe and a crowbar, but I’m holding off on breaking through the roof until the last minute. Tell someone to come get me please. I want to live.”(Wilson and Borger) Almost 2,000 people died due to entrapment, neglect, health issues, and several other inadequacies. (Brunner)

To this day, reconstruction is still taking place to put the city, citizens there call home, back to its normal state. One year after the disaster, the city was half of what it was before the storm. Many persons had no job or home to go back to. The extensive damage this hurricane caused would take several years to reconstruct, because it is so costly. The costs would range from “$60 billion – $125 billion” in full. (NOAA)

If I had the opportunity to change it, I would. I know I cannot stop a hurricane from coming, but I know for a fact citizens could come together to prevent several problems that arose in the aftermath. I would most definitely have mandatory preparatory sessions for all who live in the United States. Emergency packets explaining what to do if a hurricane, tornado or any other natural or man-made disaster were to hit the United States would be sent to every mailbox in the country. District leaders would have to take time out to answer any possible questions citizens would have. I know there will be several questions that will arise.

Shelters will be have cleaning machines, so that after the storm, employees could clean up as much as possible for the people in need of a place to stay. There will be crisis funding that can and will be used for food and other necessities. Rescue squads or teams will go in as soon as possible to help bring out people trying to flee the city, waiting only makes it worse. Reconstruction funds will also be set aside so that the city could be put back as soon as possible and so that it doesn’t take an extended amount of time. Some people there only know New Orleans, so moving them is not an option permanently, but only temporary. Also, enforcement will be on the job round the clock so safety is always intact.

In my opinion, the changes I would make to prevent coming up with funds, delayed help, and shelter cleanliness would be for the people. After all it is what they deserve. I know for a fact it would be for the best due to the financial state the country is in, too. Crisis and reconstruction funding already set aside would help to rebuild the city and other surrounding areas, as well. The death rate will also, be extremely lower than the amount of people who passed while Hurricane Katrina went on. Thus, trauma won’t be so much of an issue. I know most children having to go through this will forever are traumatized. This is why I think preparation is key to executing my plan if another terrifying disaster were to come.

In conclusion, the historical event I chose to change was Hurricane Katrina. As I stated earlier, I know I cannot stop the storm from taking place, but with others I can make it less of a burden. Some ways I would change would be to have mandatory sessions, shelter cleaning supplies, and emergency rescue squads that will go in when called on. I think my proposal of change will be for the best, because it will lower deaths, prevention of funding, and extended times of reconstruction. Hurricane Katrina will always be in the minds of people around the world including me. All in all, Hurricane Katrina, showed me that being prepared is the best and the key to success.

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