A girl named sadie Essay

My names Sadie. I have emerald green eyes and red-orange hair. I’m only 5 but people say that I have a fiery spirit, whatever that means. My best friend Noah sleeps in the room next to me, along with the other boys in the orphanage.’ I looked up from my old journal that I had as a kid to see if they had found me yet. “Over here” I heard one of them say. Other girls from the orphanage were trying to…let’s say punish me for who I was. It sounded like they were some ways away, so I flipped forward and kept on reading, ‘Today was one of the worst days of my life! Noah got accepted into a new family that lives on the other side of town. He even had a choice to stay here with me. I can’t believe he would do this to me 3 days before my 7th birthday.’ “You can’t hide from us for forever Sadie!” another voice singsonged. Scooting back further in the corner I flipped forward in the book. ‘I read somewhere that ages 7-11, kids start figuring their selves out and I’m 8. A few days ago, I think that I did for the most part. Her name was Claire, I made a lot of friends with my roommates after Noah left with his new family. Me and her were closer though, the other day we were playing sardines (where one-person hides, and other people find them and hide where they are). And well I found her first and no one followed me. We were just talking and then it was silent, and we kissed. When it broke I hear “Holy crap! Did they just-” It was Sammy the new and very admired girl around my age. Her and a few other girls told the head mistress and Claire got sent away to another state to live in a new home.’ All the sudden Sammy and her friend Emma snatched the old journal out of my hands. “I knew you’d be in here, in the room where it all happened. Where you and your dumb girlfriend hid all those years ago.” I tried to grab the book out of her hands, but she pulled it away. “Give it back Sammy.” I said annoyed. “Oh. No this belongs to me now.” Something came over me and I was blind with rage. I slapped Sammy as hard as I could, the three of them surrounded me. I don’t know who did what but one of them pushed me to the ground and they started kicking me and pulling my hair. “You’re not worth it. You’ll never be loved, while we are falling for a boy or getting a new family you will be sitting here wishing you weren’t such a fag.” I sat up trembling, tears filling my eyes. “Is poor Sadie gonna cry?” Emma said in a baby voice. I wanted to do something, but I felt too helpless.

I decided that later tonight I would run away. So, when everyone was asleep I got my stuff ready. I packed smuggled cafeteria food and other things I would need. To get back at Sammy I took her make-up kit, phone, and my old journal. I looked in the bathroom mirror and stared, stared at my red sweatshirt, black leggings, rundown high-tops, and my red hair in two braids. And an idea came to my head, I could break into Miss Butler’s office and grab my files. Maybe I could find my parents. Quickly and quietly I snuck to the offices and found the door that said: Head Mistress Butler. Luckily the door was unlocked and there was no security camera in her office. “Okay, Sadie…S... where’s S.” I mumbled to myself as I searched through the filing cabinet. Got it, I grabbed Noah’s old folder too in case I wanted to find him. I crept along the dark hallways to the front door. Taking my first step to the outdoor was amazing until it was interrupted by alarms going off. I heard yells and running footsteps from inside the building getting closer. I panicked, what do I do?! The doors flung open and I started sprinting, I kept on running for what seemed like miles. Finally, I made it to a bus stop and got on the bus just in time. I only had $100, half for this bus and the other half is when I run out of supplies. I opened my folder and read what was on the page: Richards, Sadie gender/female birth date/September 6, 2006 age arrived/5 parent address and phone/unknown parent status/dead illnesses or allergies/brain damage, can’t remember anything before the accident. I can’t believe that my parents are dead. Sitting on a bus alone and nowhere to go. The next station wasn’t for two more hours and I had long day, so I decided to get some sleep.

After I got off the bus I ate an apple while I walked around. I’ve never seen this city before but somehow it looked vaguely familiar. There was a park across the street, maybe I can look in Noah’s folder and go to him. Kids were playing on the playground, there was someone throwing a ball for his dog, and a perfect bench for me to sit at. I opened the folder and it said: Wilson, Noah gender/male birth date/February 14, 2005 age arrived/infant parent address and phone/unknown parent status/unknown illnesses or allergies/gluten adoptive parents address/386 N 700 W San-Francisco, California adopted name/Freeman, Noah. Huh I never knew he was gluten free. I typed the address into Sammy’s phone and it was only…5 miles away. Walking sounded better than being stuck on a bus again so that’s what I did. The sun was covered by the clouds and the wind was blowing but I didn’t care. I passed shops that had hundreds of different candies, some had antiques, some had clothes, and others were restaurants that had amazing smells coming from them. I walked past everything and somehow ended up in a huge neighborhood with tons of houses. The GPS lady said, “In 450 steps take a left on 380 North.” I looked at the phone, I only had 2 miles to go and it was past noon. I’ve been walking for like 4 1/2 hours and I’m not even there yet! I sat on the curb of the sidewalk and ate a granola bar but was still hungry. All the sudden a little girl came up to me, “Do you want to buy some treats from our stand?” she said. “Sure, I guess.” I replied. She took my hand and pulled me around the corner and to her treat stand. “Hmmm I’ll take a slice cherry pie and a sucker” The little girl smiled at me and got the food “That will be $4 miss.” I gave her the money and waved goodbye. Holy crap this pie was delicious! After I finished I kept walking until I reached a mail box that said Freeman on it. “You have arrived at your destination.” The robot lady said. The house was huge and had a U-shaped driveway. Jeez how rich was this family. I walked up and rang the doorbell, there was a white cat in the window staring at me. The door opened and there was this beautiful woman with dark brown hair who smiled at me. “Hi, does Noah live here?” I asked shyly. “Yes, come on in sweetheart.” There was a crystal chandelier and a winding stair case. This house was amazing. “Noah! You’ve got a lady friend waiting here for you!” the woman yelled. There was no answer. “He must be in the basement, you can go and wait in his room while I get him. Just go up the stairs and it’s the first one on your right, okay?” she said winking at me and walked away. I got to his room and looked around, he had posters from bands I’ve never heard of and somehow the white cat got up here and was laying on the bed. I sat next to the cat and it climbed on my lap. It was the softest thing I’ve ever felt, she had a little bell around her neck and sky-blue eyes. She ran out of the room as I stood up. I looked out the window at the yard with super green grass, I mean how does someone even keep it that green? “Taylor, I thought I told you I didn’t want to see y-” The voice cut off as I turned around. He had the same ocean blue eyes and chestnut brown hair. “Sadie? “he chuckled. I ran up to Noah, grinning and gave him a hug. “What are you doing here?” Noah asked. “I guess I couldn’t stand being in that orphanage any longer.” I told him everything that happened since he’s been gone, and he didn’t even care when I told him about Claire. “Wow. Stuff gets pretty interesting when I’m not there.” He said. “What are you talking about. Life should be pretty interesting compared to what I’ve seen in your house” I laughed.

That night Noah officially introduced me to his parents after we talked for a while. “Dinner was delicious thank you so much Mrs. Freeman.” I said washing my dishes. “Well you could have these meals all the time if you want",” I was confused. “You know I’ve always wanted a girl Ted.” She said looking at her husband. “I guess that up to Sadie.” Mr. Freeman replied. And that’s when I finally got it, they wanted to adopt me! “Oh my god! That would be amazing!” They helped me get settled in one of their guest room and said that we would get the adoption papers tomorrow. I laid in bed and couldn’t believe I was going to have a family. Just a little longer and I’d be Sadie Freeman.

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