A few adventurous hens night ideas in gold coast to make your night special Essay

Wedding is once in a lifetime event and for every bride to be, bachelorette party is a chance to say good bye to the single life before welcoming the married life. This is way many girls go wild during their last night of freedom. For those who doesn’t know what a bachelorette party is, it is a party held for a woman who is about to get married. Organizing a hens party in Gold coast requires a lot of attention to detail, managing guests, being diplomatic and staying on top of things. It is not an easy task and every party meant to be different but here are a few of basic ideas to celebrate your night and say good bye to the single life.

If the bride to be enjoys themed parties then it is better that you should go for this a themed party. It will also be a lot of fun for the guests who enjoy dressing up for special occasions. The theme can be anything from vintage to something that requires more elaborate costumes. There are a lot of themes to choose from. It can be anything from angels to devil but choose according to the taste of the queen of the party. If she likes being simple and she is kind hearted then angel theme would be perfect for her and if she is adventurous then Halloween theme can be selected.

Next idea of making the night memorable is playing different games. No matter where the party is being held there are several games which can be played on each venue. If the party is being held in a bar, pub or a night club then the queen can bring dare cards with her and then play dare game. It is a hen’s party so truth and dare won’t be good enough so play a dare game and have fun out there. It is better that everyone gets a bit drunk before playing this game. There are many other games as well regardless of the venue. You just have to determine which game everyone will enjoy.

If you a bit more adventure then you can hire a limo and hop from club to club while partying. You can also hire male strippers to accompany you. There are many clubs and party organizers that offer special hen night parties you can also go there and they will provide you with the best experience ever. They include male strippers, standup comedy, and many games which all the participants can play.

For girls who don’t like this kind of staff and want to stick with some traditional things, there are many ideas for them too. You can go on a weekend to a particular location which you like and enjoy your time having fun with your close friends. You can enjoy many things which that location offers. You can also go out with friends to a restaurant for a dinner, go to a theater for a movie, or you can also go to comedy clubs to have some fun. You can follow any of these hens night ideas in Gold Coast which suits your personality to make your last night of freedom an memorable one.

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