A Discussion On Gantt Chart Essay


Explain how the tool works. Why does it interest you? Explain how this tool has, or could have, been useful in a project you were involved with. How can the tool be useful in future projects? Explain.


Gantt chart, as designed by Henry L. Gantt is essentially a horizontal bar chart that allows the graphical illustration of the manner in which the schedule of a project (Ong et al., 2016). This illustration, on the other hand, facilitates the process of planning the entire project, managing the resources associated with it and ensuring co-ordination among them, as conducted by the managerial authorities associated with the projects (Srivastava, 2014). The capability of the tool in suggesting reschedule of plans in accordance to the availability of resources (Gantt charts are capable of identifying over-allocation of resources) is the most interesting feature of the tool that I have identified.

It is a well known fact, that Gantt charts provide the several scheduling and resource allocation facilities to project managers: the following were utilized in the project that I was associated with-

  1. The Gantt chart provided information regarding all the activities associated with the project
  2. The exact start and end date of each of the project activities were easily estimated using the bar graphs available from the Gantt charts.
  3. An assessment of the length of time for which each activity continued was available from the Gantt chart.
  4. An assessment of the overlaps that existed among the project activities was also available.

In the future, this very tool can be utilized to revise the project schedule in case the inclusion of changes in the project plan becomes necessary (Ong et al., 2016). Revision of the entire schedule can be conducted easily by changing the time periods allocated to the activities and including new activities (or excluding old ones) into the schedule: the calculations required for estimating the start and end dates of the project would be automated by the Gantt chart tool (Srivastava, 2014).


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