A Critical Self Reflection On Scholarly Writing Essay


What is scholarly writing?


Scholarly wring or academic writing is the writing style used in academic fields. Many national universities have made scholarly writing compulsory, failing to which becomes a mistake. As stated by Baldi, Sorcinelli and Yun, (2013), children are often asked to follow a particular pattern in the academic writing style to avoid or reduce mistakes. In case, when a particular style is not followed, it becomes unfamiliar and intimidating and it becomes tough to differentiate among the competitors.

It has been opined by Matsuda and Silva, (2014), that being aware of what actually has to be done, kills the extra effort that one might put in the task. This makes them confined within a particular sphere and their talent or intelligence is hindered. It has been pointed out by McDougall, Ornelles and Rao, (2015) that by the time kids turn into adults they lost the ability to think of something creative and innovative. Thus, a born artist is killed in lieu of educating him or her.

It can be said that educating people is more important than binding them to a particular frame. Every subject is not mathematics. Several approaches have been made in this respect, however, more effort are to be given.

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