8 reasons to love wearing pants up to the waist Essay

Since the sixties, many more women began to leave their skirts aside and start wearing fashionable pants . Since before there were pants for ladies but they used it normally to go to work and not as much as a modern garment.

Already in the eighties you saw girls with pants everywhere; these pants were waist-high and, for the most part, were denim jeans. This fashion lasted until the early 2000s, when low-shot jeans; that is, until the hip were installed in all the female lockers. Thus, in the blink of an eye all the women, especially the youngest ones, only wore jeans up to the hips, showing the navel.

It is not necessary to deny that to some girls this style was regal to them; but in the end this fashion ended up distorting the female figure; since he adjusted the hip too low. Also, in not so thin girls it did not look so good.

Happily, some years ago, the pants at the waist or high shooting returned to be the protagonists. And it is that this garment draws perfectly the female figure.

In Genial Girl we love high- waisted pants ; Therefore, we will give you some reasons for you to do so too.

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Lights longer legs

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As the cut ends at the height of your navel, so it is longer, it makes your legs look much longer than they are.

In contrast, with a cut to the hip would look smaller.

Your hips will stand out

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So be a woman with a type of rectangular body or inverted triangle, that is to say with not so many hips; a garment at the waist will highlight that part of you and make you look more curvy. Keep in mind that these should adhere well to your waist.

With the models with low shot the opposite happened; the hips looked narrower.

Hides the rolls and the belly

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These jeans grab everything that is left over. If we are somewhat sub-weight or have these normal rolls of the human being; this garment covers them and conceals perfectly. Also, they are more comfortable and we are not worried about having a roll somewhere.

It takes out a little belt

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If you have a wasp waist with these pants you can show off much more. And on the other hand, if you do not have much, this cut will make it look like you have it, since you will be marking much more this part of your body.

Perfect for skinny and chubby

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Whether you're a thin or thick girl; with this model you will see yourself with a great body. On the one hand, if you are very thin, you will define your hips and waist , making you see more curves. And on the other hand, if you are chubby, this will disguise your big hips and rolls. For the latter case, it is advisable to use a solid color without prints.

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He lifts the bubbles

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If your problem is that you are not very benefited in this part of your body; You must use this clothing model. It will make you look amazing with what little you have.

It brings elegance

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By stylizing your figure , you will always have a touch of elegance in your look; It does not matter if your outfit is casual, you will never look disheveled.

Combine everything

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Being a basic clothing , it combines with all other garments and accessories. You can use it on all formal and informal occasions; depends on the design of this.

There are many benefits of wearing pants up to the waist; so at least you must have a jean of this model. We hope that this trend never goes away as it benefits all the women of the world.

And remember to buy clothes of your size to make you look fascinating and highlight the best of you.

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