6 surprising elements to add texture to your home Essay

We often use cushions and fluffy carpets to add texture to our home, but there are many other accessories. Here are other elements to add luxurious textures.

1. Wall hangings

Unusual wall art alternatives are well back.

From richly textured woven panels to nifty knots revived from their utilitarian past, wall hangings infuse any room of visual and tactile interest.

Do some research online to inspire yourself, then try to create a small one. Nautical knitting techniques, simple weaving and knitting are easy skills to get you started.

For an even more eclectic vibe, group several smaller ones in a similar color palette on a large wall.

2. Lacquered or varnished furniture

A good coat of gloss lacquer or varnish paint gives any furniture a feeling of freshness.

The sheer, smooth sheen offered by these techniques adds a richness to your home's decor.

Try marrying a lacquered or varnished piece of furniture with rough, matte surfaces for a clever juxtaposition.

3. Sharpened wood

For a rustic or bohemian atmosphere, incorporating wood is a must.

Because of their unique organic compositions, no room is alike.

You are not ready yet to have a coffee table made of sharp wood? Try to start with smaller pieces, such as a tablet or bookends.

4. Copper accents

While any reflective metal will do the trick, brass is the current trend choice for the decorative accent of an upscale home.

For a low commitment and an inexpensive way to incorporate brass decorations, try some gorgeous copper candlesticks or a sophisticated tray - a beautiful piece for your coffee table or desk.

5. Aged leathers

A pristine leather sofa can be a timeless interior decoration piece, but there are more ways to design a home with aged leathers.

One of the most popular new interior trends is the addition of leather handles on existing furniture drawers and cabinets for a new style.

For this easy-to-do project, use pieces of leather, often available for cheap in craft and fabric stores.

6. Glass tiles

If you are a confirmed Sunday renovator, a tile project may be right for you.

Use glass tiles in a variety of color schemes to add depth and light to your home.

Although these neo-retro tiles are a natural choice for the kitchen or bathroom, you can also integrate them elsewhere in your home by tiling the surface of a side table or making coasters.

Several elements are at your disposal if you want to add texture to the decor of the rooms in your house. In addition to the traditional cushions, you now have six other unique suggestions for playing with textures.

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