6 signs your attitude is ruining your work relationship Essay

Your career is extension of your life, it is a very important part of who you're.

At times when you spend most of your time at work, and you feel some form of struggle to with work & relationship with people, what do you do about it?. If you're experiencing this changes at work, but you don't have an idea where the problems could be coming from, it's time to take a careful look at the way you behave towards work.

Maybe you're having issues at home and it's transferring to your work area, or maybe you're feeling the pressure of work weighing you down. Whatever the reason might be, you shouldn't let it impact negatively on your relationship at work.

_ Signs your attitude at work could be affecting your professional relationships_

1. You're less confident- and it's affecting your communication

When your actions at work mirrors that of a toxic or negative person you're not expected to feel good and it affects your communication with co-workers or staffs as you lack confidence as tend not flow well during conversations. It also brings doubts as you start to question your ability to complete a task.

2. You're losing client referrals

When you stop to see referrals or the usual clients you get normally, there's probability words about your attitude as gotten around to them. Nobody likes to work with someone who's a downer. If you exhibit negative vibes, people will go out for someone else who's energetic, reassuring & positive.

3. You're being passed up for opportunities

Showing a not so good attitude or unattractive attitude towards work makes opportunities pass you by and you could also get skipped when it time it's time for promotion. Also nobody will like to recommend you as you'll be seen as a reflection of your employer or the person that recommended you- nobody will like soil his reputation or associate with you.

4. Co-workers stopped offering help

People can easily sense when you've a bad attitude. Being positive, happy & vibrant attracts people to you. Showing signs of frustration, anger, been irritating at workplace will also repel and push people away from you. To be team player & flow with people, it's necessary to have the a positive & right attitude.

5. You're making decisions- and people are noticing

One sign you're have negative attitude, is when you're quick to act without thinking thoroughly before doing something. You tend to make rash decisions and give reactions based through anger and you're judgement is always flawed. This mistakes may matter little to you but people notice and take note. It could eventually cause you to loose more people due to your attitude and bad decision making.

6. People are complaining about you

When you bad or negative comment from the mouth of someone about yourself and it got to you, chances are it had gone around that person isn't first and won't be the last to utter such


Inasmuch as you might have troubles at home or you're frustrated at work, you shouldn't bring negativity to work and let of affect others. Do something about it, start everyday with a smile, don't bring work tasks home(if you can) and show positive energy & confidence at all times. People love surrounding themselves with people that make them feel happy & good. If you don't feel good about work or yourself, don't displace it on others. The moment you do that, people will work away from you.

We all are not perfect, we experience some bad days & some exciting times. If you don't find fulfilment or satisfied with your job, makes changes. Be around positive people that will make you more productive and with time everything will be fine

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