5G for better gaming video solution Essay

Advantages of High-Speed Internet

5G promises ubiquitous connectivity with better bandwidth, ultra-reliable streaming, low latency, and configurable network solutions, which can dramatically improve the functioning of broadband markets, where new provisions coupled with cloud and A.I., can be found. Such systems may accelerate the entertainment business, providing faster customized on-demand services, increasing competition in the gaming sector.Companies are preparing to integrate the features of 5G in websites, songs, streaming movies and videos, where it is assumed the downloading will become 10 times fasters in comparison to 4G. This has already started replacing 4G in many sectors in the US where companies such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are preparing to launch the smartphones compatible with it in 2019.

VideoGames and 5g

Intel demonstrated recently, how the 5G-enabled devices have better video game graphics. CES is launching the 5G compatible mobile and Samsung is also preparing to launch such a device in the coming months in the US. Qualcomm released the same for the Chinese market, which is another version of the initial set and it may be launched in the US in the coming years.Music streaming and gaming will undergo major changes where companies may integrate new VR features. The reliability and speed will increase where machine to machine interaction will become faster and communication will improve. This will allow workers in a company to communicate from their locations and reduce the chance of accidents.AI-enabled sensors will help to develop safer roads and factories. Remote monitoring will become easier and alerts for mudslides, tsunami, earthquakes or other environmental damages could be predicted better.

Cloud-based gaming solutions

Cloud gaming services will be launched by Verizon Gaming that has prepared to use remote servers to stream video games where the server run the game and the player gets a video feed through cloud. This allows the user to play from his computer or mobile, and server conducts all the heavy data lifting. The player no more needs to download set up files on desktop or mobiles to run the latest versions.Verizon released its CES where it will provide detailed information on how 5G will improve transfer speed and what will be the effect on AR in gaming applications. A router was released by Verizon to convert the spectrum into Wi-fi.Many new companies are venturing into this sector where companies such as Yahoo Japan, Chat app operator, online retailer Rakuten and others are entering gaming sectors.

Project xCloud

Microsoft is expected to roll out Project xCloud, which will promote new streaming for video games and it will allow players to participate in high-quality video games running on different devices. Mobile-only players may not need a console to play it.A number of websites will become 5G compatible by 2020 and higher fidelity streaming will provide live experience where the popular artists such as Amy Warehouse, Maria Callas and others could upgrade experiences and bring their albums to broader audiences.Gaming distribution platform has been announced by Epic Games, which will create stage for creating and integrating Third-party titles.

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