Overview: Reconstruction
CHAPTER 13, LESSON 4 Name Date
Plans for Reconstruction
After the war, the country must be reunited. This period
was called Reconstruction. Some northerners wanted to
punish the Southern. Lincoln asked people to forget their anger.
He desired the defeated states to setup state governments
and rejoin the Union quickly. Revolutionary Republicans in
Congress desired to change the Southern and protect the rights
of African Us citizens. Lincoln ended up being shot on April 14, 1865 by
John Wilkes Booth. His assassination shocked the nation.
Vice President Andrew Johnson became president. He place
Lincoln’s plan into action. Southern states had to abolish
slavery. Many passed Black Codes to limit the legal rights of
African Us americans. Congress set up the Freedmen’s Bureau
to provide help for poor blacks and whites. In 1867,
Congress place the South under military rule. Soldiers forced
states to obey Congress and pass laws letting all males vote. In
1868, Congress impeached Johnson. They stated he broke legislation.
Some southerners supported Congress. These were called
scalawags. Some northerners visited the Southern in order to make
money. They were called carpetbaggers.
The Constitution Changes
During Reconstruction, Congress created three amendments
to the Constitution. They gave the nationwide government
more power throughout the states. The Thirteenth Amendment
ended slavery.
Southern states had to ratify this amendment to rejoin the
Union. The Fifteenth Amendment recognized the right of
African American men to vote. But African People in america faced
a long battle for equality.
Fourteenth Amendment. It gave blacks complete citizenship.
Americans. To protect those legal rights Congress passed the
Black Codes still limited the legal rights of African
Find and underline each
vocabulary word.
Reconstruction noun,
period if the South
rejoined the Union
assassination noun ,the
murder of an important
Fr eedmen’s Bureau noun,
an agency put up to
provide meals, clothes,
medical care, and legal
advice to poor blacks and
impeach verb ,to charge a
government formal with
a crime
What ended up being
Lincoln’s plan for
Reconstruction? Underline
the sentence that tells you
the answer.
Why were
soldiers delivered to the South?
Circle the phrase that tells
the answer.
Why did
Congress pass the
Fourteenth Amendment?
Highlight the sentences that
tell you the answer.
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