5 horse racing games you can not miss in your horse betting Essay

Spring is coming! At last those days come when the Sun finally makes an appearance, and for the first time this year the clouds have left us in peace for a long time. Therefore, many take advantage already to go out to the terraces, take morning walks and enjoy the outdoors and good weather. In my case, for a while now, I love taking advantage of one of the first spring weekends of the year to ride a horse. You already know that, within my work, which are sports betting and online gaming , horse racing games occupies a fundamental place by volume and by hobby. So I was thinking that I have not talked to you about this exciting world of horse betting for quite some time . I know it is difficult to understand and for a newbie, start betting on horses sounds little less than something profoundly incomprehensible in terms of knowledge required (and even dangerous have come to me!) But I really tell you: Horse racing games betting is not as complicated as it seems. Only with a little practice, passion at the time of watching the races, patience and, why not, some small loss at the beginning, I can assure you that from people who hardly know what a Jockey is, you will spend very little time knowing all the big racecourses and types of horses in the world. By the way, since we are ... have you ever been told which are the most important horse races in the world? You will be used to seeing some of them on television, if not live, certainly through a movie in which they have immortalized the parties that are lived on the day of the Grand National , for example. Those Englishmen dressed up for the occasion, and all that paraphernalia ... right? really? Well, it's a good time. We are already in season, and very few dates are the first big dates of the course, so we are going to review the five races that you should not miss if you want to finish this year knowing a little bit more about horse bets. Here we share 5 important horse racing games can not miss in your horse bets Cheltenham Gold Cup We could say that for the English follower, the first big appointment of the season in terms of horse racing games is the Cheltenham Gold Cup , or the Gold Cup of Cheltenham in its literal translation. It is held annually during the so-called festival of Cheltenham , at the racecourse of the same name (one of the most important and popular in the United Kingdom) and on the dates of the festival of St. Patrick . Horse racing games in the United Kingdom is mainly divided into two types: flat and obstacle courses; the latter, in turn, can be fences or other types of more 'natural' obstacles, such as puddles or hedges In the case of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, we talked about the event par excellence in terms of obstacles . No less than 22 of them must surpass the best Jockeys coming from Great Britain and Ireland, in a distance marked in three miles and 2 furlongs (little more than five kilometers and three hundred meters). Although the festival lasts four days, the highlight is the Gold Cup itself, a race that takes place on the last day of competition. For sponsors and bettors it is an absolutely essential event, and the truth is that if you are one of those to whom a race without obstacles seems too boring, this is your festival. In fact, it is the second in importance in terms of horse racing, only surpassed by the Grand National. Grand National Undoubtedly, the highlight of horse racing games, of obstacle courses ... and also of horse bets . Talking about the Grand National is talking about a race that has been running since 1839 and that concentrates in a few minutes the largest volume of horse bets of the entire season worldwide. It is estimated that some nine million viewers follow the Grand National on television every year, and that approximately 150",000 people on average attend this three-day festival held at the Aintree racecourse in Liverpool. Within the festival, the race called Grand National itself can concentrate up to 40 horses , which makes it especially dangerous. Must be made of a special 'pasta' to overcome 30 obstacles (16 in a first round and 14 in the second) of which consists of the course of 6",907 meters that gives glory to the winner. As curiosities, note that there are three concrete obstacles that have their own name: Brook de Becher (in honor of one of the first runners of the Grand National), the chair (the biggest of all obstacles) and Foinavon (the smallest of all, but in 1967 caused a chain clash of all participants except the horse of the same name, which won against all odds, his win was paid 100 to 1). You see, if you want to start following horse races and bet, you can not miss this appointment. By the way, it is the second event in this discipline that gives the highest prize, and is almost always celebrated on Saturday at the beginning of April. Royal Ascot At Ascot , a five-day festival that takes place in June, two strongly interconnected concepts are mixed: the equestrian world and the upper social classes. It is considered an event of very high level for its connection with the British Crown , linked to the racecourse that gives its name to this mixed summer festival. The race is owned by the British Royal family, since the Ascot racecourse was conceived by it and is only six miles from the famous Windsor Castle. Obviously, that's where 'Royal' is. And that Ascot is the horse race of the Royal family provokes another one of those curious British traditions: all the spectators shine during the mornings of the festival the characteristic English hats of glass , and it is very normal that the public seen of Victorian time. Undoubtedly, an ideal event to learn how to make horse bets at the same time we soak up English culture. With approximately 3.5 million pounds in prizes , and a high number of races that mix speed with other types of modalities, Ascot constitutes a rough diamond for lovers of horse racing at the beginning of summer. Kentucky Derby We could not finish this analysis of the most important horse racing games in the world without giving us a tour of the United States . There, at the beginning of May, this race takes place, the most famous in North American lands, in Louisville, Kentucky , designed for three-year-old pureblood specimens. In the USA the race is baptized as 'The race of the roses', since the winner is placed a garland of these flowers Horse racing games has a strong tradition in certain American regions, and although probably not as famous as the English festivals, they concentrate more than one hundred thousand followers on television or at racetracks themselves, within what the Yankees call "The Triple Crown" : this first derby in Kentucky , the Preakness Stakes race (in Baltimore) and Belmont Stakes (in New York). To say that the Kentucky Derby also has its traditions that can not be disregarded, such as eating beef or drinking a Mint Julep (a sweet drink based on bourbon, mint and sugar) before the race. It is a speed race, fast and approximately two minutes long, on a track of two kilometers. Ideal for lovers of this type of racing. Dubai World Cup And we finish with the event that, although not perhaps because of tradition or history but due to economic power, turns out to be the biggest prize level today in the world of horse racing. The Dubai World Cup takes place in March and distributes ten million dollars in prizes. The race has been held since 1966 and has had two venues: the Nad al Sheba racecourse was the first, replaced by Meydan, which was built on the same site and opened in 2010 The Dubai World Cup consists of nine races, eight of thoroughbreds and one of horses only of Arab race. The contest usually ends with some renowned performance (without going any further, in 2016 Janet Jackson entertained the end of the party to the audience) and in general it is a high-level event, although far from the English glamor and rather of type merely opulent. To mention that the step of the Meydan racetrack can concentrate no less than up to 60",000 people. Five essential appointments for your horse racing games schedule, if you want to get acquainted with this exciting world, so far from the average follower but that immediately manages to establish an unmatched link with the bettor.

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