Essay on My Very First Day in College

It absolutely was a bright sunny day My mom dropped me during the school main gate. We took a deep breath and started walking towards the main entrance. I was in an emotional chaos. I became excited, afraid and a little bit nervous.

I slowly wandered forward when I started looking at the rest of the young ones. Most were in groups and all speaking laughing and smiling. We felt tiny, like I was an alien who had simply landed on the world. I wanted to return but that was extremely hard.


Once I reached the main building regarding the college we strolled around the reception area in which I enquired about my classroom.

Alternatively, I felt like I'd just been arrested for murder. I was bombarded with about 5 concerns all at one time. I responded them.

We went along to each class feeling like a Joker, as everyone else stared at me because I didn’t dress like them. I thought some body would come and say ‘hello’ in my experience. Even today, i'm nevertheless waiting. No-one has brought the full time here to make it to understand me or just like me. I know each of them judged me, as I also judged them.

Finally, i came across my course and found two of the teachers actually impressed me, which astonished me personally; I didn’t think anyone within the whole school would wow me personally. The instructor introduced me personally as a fresh pupil inside class and revealed me my seat. I happened to be experiencing like a science model and they had been likely to do experiment on me.


In break, We arrived from my class, sitting alone in canteen and missing my dad and mom. Again, I returned to my course. I was feeling very lonely. Final duration was a dance period. Everyone was dancing with their partners but I was sitting alone. By the end of the day, we still hated this new college, lacking all my old buddies.

However, as time passed, I made brand new buddies. Today, I am an excellent pupil and captain of football group. I have now discovered to attend school.

And I hope to graduate with good grades in 2010. I've discovered that I've courage and energy and I will be successful this season ever if I am in someplace I don’t like. I've learned i could succeed whether or not everything isn’t just how i prefer it. Sufficient reason for this courage, i shall graduate.

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