4 ways to skip school Essay

Students in the class, Have you ever had those mornings when you just don’t feel like going to school? Cause your in luck, today I will be telling you 4 ways to skip school.

The first way is to Fake sick-step 1 set the scene, the day before you decide to skip school tells your parents you don’t feel too well and try to act differently than you would if you were sick. Step 2 the morning, before you skip school while eating breakfast, don’t eat much because sick people don’t have much of an appetite this will convince your parents more than your sick.step 3, fake a fever, one of the ways your parents want to check if your sick is to see if you have a fever, to fake this warm a piece of cloth in the microwave and then put it on your forehead before your parents check your temperature",this will warm up your forehead which will make them believe you have a fever. After all of this your parents should give in and ask if you want to stay home, what you wanna do when this happens is make it seem like you don’t wanna miss school but at the end say”I guess I should stay home”

That is the first way to skip school.

Injure yourself

This might sound bad but trust me injuring yourself will be worth the one day off of school. Some ways to injure yourself could be punching yourself a lot, falling down the stairs, maybe a couple of times or you could fall in the shower a couple times

The third way to skip school is a fake note.

To do this you will have to be at school already and go to the office with a note that you wrote that says from one of your parents",on the note should be a reason to leave school early and a signature from one of your parents, just saying forging a signature is illegal and if you do this you should practice at home many times perfecting the signature.

My fourth and final way that could work is not finishing your homework.what you wanna do is tell your parents that you didn’t finish your homework or that you need to study more for a big test that’s coming up.to make this seem real you might want to start to cry, just try to think of something really sad and then cry.

Those were my 4 ways of skipping school, I hope one of those work out for you.

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