3d/360° product photo retouching to boost your online selling business Essay

One of the major barricades for customers shopping online is the helplessness to see their potential purchase from every angle. But 360 products photography is an evolving concept that can help to eliminate that blockade. Essentially, it’s a type of photography that shows a product revolving around so the potential buyer can see the product in a more realistic and 3D format. This can help them get a enhanced idea of the size, scale, and how all of the different angles and components fit together.

At first glance, it might look like a 360-product photo is taken by moving the camera around the product. However, it’s actually done by keeping the camera absolutely still and rotating the product around in a circle. To accomplish this movement in a seamless way that won’t cause any misrepresentation in your images, you’ll need a revolving turntable that you can set products on.

Retouching of the objects for 360 product photography is a very difficult job, not even difficult, but a long one. If you have enough patience and time – Lets follow below points to know “How to Edit”:

• First of all, you do colour correction, add contrast, brightness, and saturation of the photo. Please correct the white balance in Camera Raw.

• Then, using the Clipping & Path technique, you should cut out the object on a white background. Now, the background is monochromatic.

• Like we said – the screen reflected everything that was in front of it – the camera, lightbox and your room. To improve the image, you need to make it completely black, using a brush. Be attentive not to go over the edges to keep the look natural of the screen.

• It is necessary to remove small dust particles, rubs and glare from the object.

• Add color saturation.

• Done.

Case Study :

Pepe Jeans increased their sales by 30%, thanks to 360 degree realistic product photography.

Being effective means doing the right things at the right time. Selling anything in the market is very difficult and if we talk about selling online, it’s the most difficult part. So, question that comes to our mind, what attracts customer. If I talk about myself, I like to see the product that I am buying from all the angles. Now that’s where 360-degree twist comes into picture. When I saw this happening for the first time, I was very impressed and wanted to know everything about it, from how it works to technical nitty-gritty.

Gear’s required for 360-degree photography:

1) Camera – A good camera is a must to have quality photos. Now a days DSLR camera is in big demand and is handy to use for beautiful photography. Depending upon your choice of brands, go for the best camera as it will set the base for your product. Customers will get attracted with good pictures of your product.

2) Tripod – When we hold camera in our hand and take pictures, its possible that we get shaky pictures. However, when we put it on a tripod, camera remains stilt. Thus, giving us great shots.

3) Revolving Table – Generally people get confused and think it’s the camera that is rotating to get 360 degree view but that not true, it’s the product that revolves around the camera.

4) Remote switch – This devise can help you control your camera remotely. This will help you to use camera button from far away distance. You can be more accurate with remote switch release devise. Don’t forget to see the compatibility with your camera before buying any remote shutter devise.

5) Background Image – Please ensure that background image is plain white or something which can go with your product. This will help you to get best output. If Colour of your product and background colour doesn’t corelate then you will get distorted pictures. Put more efforts to choose background image. If required make pre-made paper card to be placed behind the product to get maximum glowing response.

6) Studio Lights – Lights during photo shoot is very important so that image quality is excellent. You need to ensure that background light is good enough to give best shots or else photo quality won’t come good. Consistent light will help you eradicate dark spots from the picture.

7) Viewer to see all Angles - There are software in the market which will help you to convert all your photos into 360-degree video.

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