2014 14 bmw x5 3.0 xdrive30d m sport 5d auto 255 bhp Essay

When we talk about mid-range cars, it's the BMW X5 model that enjoys the wide market of the automobile industry. In this review, we'll give you the most important facts that will help you in your purchasing decision.


The X5 has been the BMW's first attempt to conquer the stage of SUVs, and though just being in the production since the year 1999, this car has brought a big impression and has made its name as one of the top choices when it comes to the luxury 4x4 market.

Introduced in 1999, the BMW X5 has been the revolutionized 3rd generation car and dominates the smaller models, X1 and X3. Still, the Range Rover is the reigning champ of the 4x4 ladder and the X5 is staying at the second spot. Climbing as their fellow competitors are the famous Mercedes-Benz GLS and the rival Audi Q7. The Porsche Cayenne is also a key contender in this segment.

The X5 is designed by Olivier Heilmer and according to him, the car's success is due to its style and elegance. It's not a reinvention but more of a substantial upgrade. The platform remains the same and the changes are focused on its core. The car is more refined with emphasis to strength and lightness as you'll see that the shell is made 5% stronger and much stiffer.

The Look

With great attention to detail and the need to enhance aura quality, the X5 has made bulkhead reductions. In addition, vibrations are minimized in new seats and with 2.5dB, the wheel-well noise transmission is more refined.

You can see the steering feel is not hydraulic but rather electrical which aids in saving fuel, dragging the coefficient from 0.34 down to 0.31. The cabin looks more classic; the high-quality material, curving décor, and the familiar architecture that's enhanced by the adjustable lighting make a cool upgrade.


Despite some modifications, the BMW X5 still falls behind its competitors when you talk about luggage space. However, the split tailgate uncovers the rear space, boot and third-row option into a more functional 40:20:40 split with an 1870-litre load area. This is still less when you compare it to its competitors; Mercedes M-Class has 2010 litres, the Range Rover has 2030 litres and the Audi Q7 has the mighty 2035 litres. When it comes to seats, the X5 is spacious and can accommodate seven seats and offers passengers lots of front and rear space. It's a car designed for practicality.

Inside the Cabin

Looking inside the cabin, you'll see that everything is digital; the speedometer, rev counter, and other display's extremities looks marvellous. Compared to Range Rover and Audi's twin control screens, the X5 has the physical I-Drive controller and an innovative single 12.3in screen. Plus, the head-up display is enhanced. There's a laser headlight with superior beam-length, a 1500 watt thump-tastic Harmon Kardon stereo, and heated and cooled cupholders.

Aside from that, the X5 also boasts of its connectivity options which include Microsoft 365 and the feature that can transform your smartphone as your car's keys.

Want more details? It guides you when you're off-roading. You can watch the status of each X5 wheel by seeing the video images displayed on its infotainment screen. With this, driving off-road is not a hassle.

Performance and Power

Utilizing high-strength steel, it's made lighter and stiffer than its predecessor. The X5 is also packed with more power and torque. Let's take a quick look at how the BMW X5 performs:

Performance – X5 only takes 6.9sec to reach 62mph from rest, making a 0.7 difference from the old diesel X5. BMW is efficient and with its 30d's 45.6mpg, it simply outperforms the previous version's 34.4mpg. Another great improvement is its CO2 emission which now drops to 162g/km as compared to the former 195g/km.

Engine and Gearbox- The X5 has its powerful eight-speed calibrated automatic gearbox, creating a fine performance. There's plenty of low-rev urge and it plays seamlessly at brisk and cools the petrol xDrive50i when running at lower speeds. It brings a lot of power, force and torque.

Interior and Technology – The interior is classic looking and good but you can see most of its elements on other cheap models. Overall, the technology is great but not as stunning and outstanding as its rivals.

Running Costs- X5 is a good choice considering its weight and size. Its MPG numbers meet every driver's satisfaction.

Under the Bonnet

The BMW offers five basic engines which range from 2.0-litre diesel to the massive 4.4-litre V8 petrol. The 3.0-litre V6 diesel has two different variants; the 255bhp 30d and the 308bhp 40d or you may go to the fire-breathing M50d which holds 376bhp in the same engine. It also houses a six-cylinder common rail diesel with a pair of turbos which develop a 255bhp and 413lb- 30lb ft from its lower 1500-3000rpm.


Premium and Luxurious feel

Spacious seating capacity

High driving position

Exceptional drivetrains


Not best in off-road

Optional extras are a bit expensive

Not the most decent BMW look

Things to Consider

If you're going to buy a new X5, you'll be granted a three-year unlimited-mileage warranty. When something goes unusually with your car, these will be covered within the early years of your ownership.

Unfortunately, there have been some reports that owners feel that the X5 lacks reliability with complaints about the issues with electrical gremlins and suspension. These problems can give you a headache when it comes to repairing costs as BMW dealers charge high on replacement parts.

In addition to high fixtures, you'll spend more money on the tax it with the emergence of rules implemented on April 1, 2017. In this case, a yearly cost of £450 between the second and fifth year. Other variants cost more. However, after five years, the yearly cost to pay for every X5 variant will drop to £140.


Though not as impressive looking as its other competitors, the BMW X5 tops the market on being a more complete car. It has the functional and smarter load area, more space, better economy and more power. It has a mix of sporting edge that definitely will give its user a comfortable driving experience. With X5, buyers will enjoy its functionality, practicality, comfort and desirability. A car with the impression of power and capability, perfect for the family.

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