13th USENIX Conference On Hot Topics In Operating Systems Essay


Describe about the 13th USENIX Conference on Hot Topics in Operating Systems?


In the question there is a link provided of an article. and the article consist the information about the 5 ways the windows beats the iOS. But after reading the article iam disagree with the article.

The two points due to which iam disagree with the article are as follows-:

Navigating the Windows 8 touch interface involves a steep learning curve.

The first point on which iam disagree is that one side in the article it is mentioned that now a days more peoples are using the windows 8 operating system. as this operating system is inbuilt in the tablets, it is so much in demand, but on the other side same in the article it is mentioning that the use of windows 8 is not easy than the ios. So iam disagree with the point mentioned on the above.

iOS doesn’t let you create fully accessible, eminently manageable files.

The second point on which iam disagree is that ios doesnot help us in creating completely accessible files and properly management of those files. As we all know that the ios operating system is used in Apple. And the ios system properly creates and manages the file system. so according to me iam not agree with the above mentioned sentence that I extract from the link provided of the article.

Two areas that will not cause problem to the organization server are as follows-:

Unix Security model may be too primitive.

As the article shows that the security model of the unix is totally based on the ACL concepts means Access Control Lists. Instead of providing the facility of user ID and Password to all user it is centrally administered. Unless it is primitive but it increases the security of the system. and now a days the new innovation takes place in the security model of the unix that all the user within the organization are authenticated by a valid user ID and Password and owner of particular system decides who can view and access the file. so there is no problem to use unix in the organization web server as it doesnot cause any problem related to security matters.

Unix Supports for GUI is Weak.

As in the article it is mentioned that the GUI support of unix system is weak. It doesn’t mean that the unix system doesnot prvide graphical effect to the system. unix system follow the long route to access any feature within the sytem. But it doesnot create problem for organization server. As we all know that GUI (Graphical User Interface) helps in understanding the system features easily and provide flexibility while using the system by user.3) As in the question it is mentioned to develop the operating system for the organization in order to run the application related to stock market for buying and selling of stock. And it is asked in the question about the best scheduling activities for the operating system that helps the system in order to process more than one process at a time received from different sources. So, In order to develop the multitasking operating system for the new application real time scheduling activity will be best. Because multitasking is a method where at a time various tasks arrive at the system for processing. In this one task don’t wait for other in order to start processing until the first process completed. According to the application which operates on multitasking operating system, real time scheduling will be best. Because as in the question it is mentioned that the buying and selling of shares application works on the operating system which needs the fast processing towards the system without waiting a lot or in other words we can say that without waiting for their turn.Real time processing methods deal with input request very fastly without further delay. As the input request came in the system fast processing takes place within the system and immediately the output generates from the system. this is the basic concepts of real time processing.

The reason to use the real time scheduling in multitasking operating system are as follows-:

1) Increased Performance rate-: Real time system helps in increasing the performance rate of the system as it process more processes within the short period. In this way, it helps in increasing the performance rate of the system.

2) Fast processing without delay-: Real time system performs processing of the process very fast without waiting for their turn. So it helps in stopping delay within the system while processing the data.


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