10 mistakes- why you are not loosing weight Essay

So you’re doing your exercises, you’re paying attention to your food intake, but the weight just won’t budge. You’re wondering what on earth am I doing wrong? Well, read this post through as I’ll be sharing with you 10 common reasons behind not loosing weight.

#1 Your expecitations are unrealistic

People set unrealistic targets of loosing 10 kilos in a month. Look! It dint take you a month to pile on this much weight. It probably took you over months or may be years for the weight to slowly creep on. Hence, it’ll take time to loose. The safe and sustainable weight loss is between 1-2 lbs per week. So don’t set yourself for failure by setting unachievable and unrealistic targets.

#2 You’re loosing weight without realising it

It is very important to understand that our weight fluctuates every single day which can be up to 5 lbs

per day. So if you measure yourself in the morning",afternoon and evening, chances are that you ll have 3 different measurements. This is due to the amount of water in the body. You tend to feel lighter in the morning whereas heavier in the evening as the fluids from food and drinks hold on to our body. Hence your weight loss shouldn’t only be measured by the number on the scale because you gain muscle mass and loose fat at the same time. So, just grab a measuring tape and pen down your inches instead, because it’s the fat loss that matters at the end.

#3 You’re binging on healthy food

I’m sure you’ve seen this phrase ‘GUILT FREE’ treats. A lot of us tend to have a mindset that just because a food is categorised as healthy, we can binge on it. But you need to know that a slice of raw cake has equal number of calories as a slice of chocolate cake. So curb your calorie intake even if it’s a healthy treat, after all calories count. Moderation is the key.

#4 Stuck in the same routine

You have been doing the same thing over and over again. So, if you have been on the same routine and loosing weight for many months, and you have hit a plateau, then perhaps you just need to take a break. Break from your workout, break from your diet, and just try something completely different.

Sleep more, eat right and experiment new activities. Take things easy because ‘More stress you take, harder does it get to loose weight’ Just enjoy your weight loss journey.

#5 Lack of water'

Are you drinking 2.5-3L of water everyday? Drinking enough water is so easy to forget but it is crucial to your weight loss success. If your body is dehydrated, your workout and your progress will suffer. Often times we think we’re hungry, but we’re just thirsty. So next time you feel hungry, instead of grabbing a snack drink water first. Also, drinking water before a meal helps you feel fuller thereby making you eat less.

#6 Sneaky liquid calories

You’re drinking your calories. Are you one of those people who enjoys fruit juices, soda drinks, a fancy coffee or even alcohol? Such drinks are loaded with calories and some might even have more than a proper meal. You can restrict up to 500 calories a day by eliminating liquid calories and you’ll see a huge difference in your weight loss progress.

#7 Not lifting weight

You’re probably not strength training. Are you a cardio bunny? Chances are you look skinny fat with no muscle tone. It’s time to lift some weights, ok? Weight lifting can help to

* Build and preserve muscle mass

* Prevent metabolic slowdown

When you do only cardio, you burn fat only during the workout, whereas if you include strength training your body continues to burn fat even after the workout, even at rest. This is know as the ‘ AFTERBURN’ effect which can speed up weight loss.

#8 Stressed out?

Are you overwhelmed? Are you constantly on the go? Do you struggle to even breathe properly? Whatever reason, STRESS can be the underlying cause of your weight loss struggle, especially weight around belly. That’s because of the hormone cortisol which causes the body to hold onto fat.

So if you fail to loose fat around your belly despite disciplined eating and regular workouts, focus on your stress level and try to alleviate it.

#9 Lack of sleep

When you don’t get enough rest, your hormones go crazy, boosting the levels of GHRELIN which increases your appetite. Your body enters the carb and fat survival mode, your metabolism slows down because it’s trying to maintain its resources. But at the same time your body wants more food and that is when late night snacking takes over just to keep you awake.

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