10 men facts Essay

Probably many women will agree with the statement that it is sometimes easier to solve the most difficult task of higher mathematics than to understand a man.

While men do not even try to understand women, the beautiful half of mankind seeks to unravel how men think and act. According to surveys, there are at least 10 facts about men that will help girls find an individual approach to their choir. With the help of this information, every lady will be able to better know his partner and understand the motivation of his actions.

It is possible that someone is lucky, and the facts do not fit the particular man. But most likely, one way or another, several items will coincide with reality.

Straight linearity

Psychologists have long proven the fact that men do not tolerate subtle hints. As a rule, they miss them by the ears. For example, girls have the ability to fall into rage when a thin hint of a gift in honor of a significant date or birthday husband simply ignores.

Here it is necessary to remember the following: if the husband hints to ask for a favorite perfume or a fashionable and simply stunning decoration, then, most likely, they will not be heard. In the extreme case, the young man will present a box of milk-filled sweets, despite the fact that his choice prefers dark chocolate, and at the moment is generally on the diet.

Sweet flattery

Girls can know the most diverse facts about men, but when it comes to the characteristics of male behavior, it is often overlooked that sweets like flattery are not only ladies, but also representatives of a strong sex. Men are easy to flatter, and, consequently, to manipulate them. For example, a young man is able to cook. The fact that most of the famous chefs in the world are men, of course, is known to all. But every girl has a couple of friends who are only capable of opening the jar and boiling the egg.

So, if there is no particular desire to cook dinner late in the evening, you can always ask a loved one to cook his crown meal. Here it is important not to forget to tell him how wonderful he is preparing. The same rule applies to the bedroom. Every man likes to be pleased when his apostate praises him as the best lover with whom nobody compares. But the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, the young man will want to know how many lovers were his partner before.

the main role

The fact that men are more competitive and want to dominate women has been known for a long time. In this case, the girl needs to fully use her ability to manipulate her husband and other female tricks to get her partner to do what she wants. But it is not necessary to twist the stick and take the man out of the intended way. After all, the main task is precisely to manage a man without taking his lead role in relations.

Men love to lie

Some men sometimes love to fuck, and it is impossible to fully understand the reasons for this habit. Virtually every man has flirtation with the opposite sex, but it is not worth taking it as the first sign of infidelity or windy. At the same time, arranging a scandal for his chosen, many girls completely forget that with great pleasure respond to signs of attention of other men. Because of which sometimes everything is only complicated. Ideally, of course, every woman dreams of finding a man who will only look at her. Of course, this is difficult, so the only decision is not to miss a man from the look, but at the same time do not arrange scandals on a flat spot.

Down with gossip

Men do not like to collect and spread gossip. Probably not every girl agrees with this, but nonetheless, as sociological surveys showed, this is a fact. Gathering in the evening with friends in a pub or bar, men, unlike women, will not be discussing throughout the evening with whom a neighbor from the opposite apartment meets.

Hidden feelings

Every girl knows that men do not cry not only while watching sentimental cinema, but even if one of their loved ones dies. In fact, men tend to cry, but they do it, as a rule, alone, secretly from all. It has been scientifically proven that women live longer than men, because they can freely laugh. After all, to some extent, tears can be called drugs: along with them there are negative emotions and stress. It is clear that in such a situation, a handkerchief for girls is simply necessary. As it was found, men use a handkerchief only because of the cold during colds and in any other case, but not when they are not crying.

Thoughts about sex

The fact that all men are literally obsessed with sex is known to all. But do not be surprised that an apostate tries to reach orgasm as soon as possible and calmly go to sleep. The prelude is very important, rather for women, than for men. Therefore, it is better to ask the parterre in advance to not hurry in bed. If to speak in a masculine language, then there is such a metaphor: for men, sex is a sprint, and for girls it is a marathon.

Silence about feeling

Most men can not pronounce aloud the same cherished recognition in love that every girl wants to hear and as often as possible. It is very difficult for men to express their true feelings. They sincerely do not understand that it is important for girls to hear it more often than once a year on the occasion of Valentine's Day. Therefore, I will have to work hard to explain to her why it would be desirable to hear from him the confession in love as often as possible. It is also important to explain what the girl wants to hear about why she loves it. If the young man still does not dare to pronounce it aloud, then email will help. In addition, there are many other ways to talk to each other about their feelings.

Great baby

Even at a mature age, men love to play. Consequently, none of them will refuse such a gift as a radio-controlled car, helicopter or train, for example. While the favorite toys of girls, although they work from batteries, but do not ride on wheels and do not fly by air, and just very much vibrate. In this case, you can take advantage of such a simple enthusiasm of your beloved and offer to diversify with the toys for adults their intimate life.

Love for cars

Men love cars - this is a recognized fact. But if they are more concerned with the technical characteristics of the car, then ladies are interested in color, decoration and other design features. In addition, men like to travel and route, while girls are interested in destination. The most interesting thing is that this fact is the opposite of an intimate question, which was described earlier. If girls worry about sexual journey and route to execution, then men try to miss the trip and reach the destination as soon as possible.

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