10 home remedies to remove scratches from the mobile screen Essay

The crisis and the lack of time makes our creativity and intuition rise from our ashes. Home remedies are the order of the day for any problem easy to solve and mobile phones could not be less.

Home remedies: How to remove scratches from the screen of the mobile

Some home remedies can be effective when dealing with scratches on the screen of a mobile.

Using the usual screen smartphone, tablet or any other device with display touch suffer any scratches and / or scratching at some point.

A lack of attention or care can make appear on our phone those uncomfortable brands that require changing the screen or even consider buying a new device.

Before that, it may be possible to remedy it at home . There are many products and techniques to eliminate, or at least reduce, the scratches of our mobile.

The first thing to do is turn off the terminal and remove the battery . In addition, it is recommended to seal the ports of the device so that no liquid or product that we are going to use will enter. Simply put a little adhesive tape.

Once this is done, here are 10 homemade ways to disguise or remove scratches from the mobile screen:

• Toothpaste. The toothpaste is applied directly on the screen by rubbing it gently with a damp cloth. In this way we can reduce the depth of the scratch and even make it disappear.

• Remove scratches from mobiles with toothpaste

• It is possible to disguise the scratches of the mobile screen using a bit of toothpaste.

• Vaseline. It is advisable to use pure petroleum jelly. Applied to the screen with a cotton moistened with alcohol we can achieve amazing results.

• Vegetable oil. It may be the least effective option for deep scratches, but if we pass a soft cloth moistened with a few drops of vegetable oil on the screen of the device, we can reduce the most superficial marks.

• Talc. You can resort to those that are used for babies. Before you have to mix them a bit with water to create a kind of thick cream that should be applied on the screen with a cloth, in the same way as the previous techniques.

• Lija. You have to use this technique very carefully and only in shallower scratches, since misuse can cause more scratches and worsen the condition.

• Sodium bicarbonate. If we mix bicarbonate with water and stir, we will get a very thick paste. Apply only a little on a soft cloth and perform circular movements on the scratch.

• Creams car. Although this type of creams are intended for the sheet metal of cars, some brands are valid to apply them to the glasses of mobile devices achieving good results.

• Against breaks of this type there is no remedy worth, so the best possible protection will be a tempered glass.

• Against breaks of this type there is no remedy worth, so the best possible protection will be a tempered glass.

• Clean metals. You can eliminate the first layer of the screen, but in no case it spoils it and darkens it. It is one of the most effective and the mode of application is simply using a rag or damp cloth.

• Nail polish. This remedy is effective as long as the enamel is the same type as the glass or plastic on the device's screen. The enamel not only fills the scratch in question, but also creates a thin layer that can serve as protection for future blows.

• Specialized brands. Products like Displex, Sidol or Applesauce are some creams made especially for the elimination of scratches on the screens of mobile devices.

Finally, it is worth remembering that tempered glass screen protectors are probably the best way to add extra protection to our phones. Although they are somewhat more expensive than the classic adhesive sheets , in the medium and long term they are much cheaper ...

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